Cast Products

Durathane products

DURATHANE Mission To Provide world-class Customized Polyurethane based solutions, products and services to the customer requirements across the Industries DURATHANE cater to the needs of virtually every industries some of which are mentioned below.

    Custom Molding :

    Custom Tooling is our Specialty.
    With more than 25 years experience in manufacturing and application Engineering, we have the knowledge, capability and facilities to produce any kind of Urethane product from 20A to 75D, in any shape, size or color.

    Rapid proto-typing or low volume production is very inexpensively done with soft tooling made of Cast molds. Since casting is a low pressure molding operation, the tooling cost is very minimal.

    Unique Custom molded components such as electro-static conductive compounds, silicone-free compounds, internally lubricated compounds with MOLYBDENUM DI-SULFIDE & TEFLON etc. Part weights can be from grams to tons.

    We can create any size, shape, weight or color, ask your representative