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DURATHANE Mission To Provide world-class Customized Polyurethane based solutions, products and services to the customer requirements across the Industries DURATHANE cater to the needs of virtually every industries some of which are mentioned below.

    Durollers :

    A new concept for manufacturing rollers, wheels, and casters from stock size rollers. Available in 20" standard lengths with several I.D.'s and O.D.'s, the Dual Durometer design provides the user with the most economical "Custom roller"
    from stock.
    Durollers are produced by bonding together two High Performance PPC urethane compounds. The inner hub is a very hard urethane (P575 Black) with special additives to produce a self-lubricating bearing. This is securely adhered to a tough, wear resistant resistant urethane tire (90A Red/and 70A Blue), thus providing superior cut resistance and shock absorption. For special applications several other durometers of color-coded urethanes are available.


    Lower Cost
    - Durollers can be stocked on the shelf and cut as required, they can be machined on the O.D. or bored on the I.D. (keyed, grooved etc.)
    Impact Resistance - by using urethane elastomers throughout Durollers can take impact and shock loads without deforming.
    Dry Running - in many low PV (Pressure Velocity Co-efficient) applications no lubrication is needed. In other applications where a lubricant may contaminate the end product, the use of Durollers eliminates the problem.

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