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Durathane products

DURATHANE Mission To Provide world-class Customized Polyurethane based solutions, products and services to the customer requirements across the Industries DURATHANE cater to the needs of virtually every industries some of which are mentioned below.

    Urethane Threaded Bumpers :

    Our Durathane Bumpers are made of a highly durable polyurethane that holds up to the toughest environments.

    Threaded Round Bumpers
    Rectangular with Metal Plate

    Our threaded bumpers have a tough, solid core surrounded by a rubber exterior that withstands impact. They are often used to guard, align, and position parts on automated machinery.
    Plus they're threaded so they're easy to install and remove. Male thread bumpers and male thread hex shoulder bumpers have a rigid stud made of steel for fastening into any surface.

    A 1/8" thick metal plate is bonded to the base of these bumpers for added reinforcement. They are often used to guard, align, and position parts. Bumpers have drilled unthreaded (through) holes to accommodate a mounting bolt (not included), unless noted. They're hard like a shoe heel.
    Bumpers with an aluminum base plate
    offer the best corrosion resistance.

    Die-Set Bumpers

    Manufactured using Durathane compounds to assure performance

    • Stock Lengths are 4" in Length
    • Longer Bumpers available in 1" increments
    • Stock Hardness is 90 Shore A (Red)
    • Other Hardnesses are available