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DURATHANE Mission To Provide world-class Customized Polyurethane based solutions, products and services to the customer requirements across the Industries DURATHANE cater to the needs of virtually every industries some of which are mentioned below.

    Radius Tooling :

    Durathane is a trade name for a family of urethane elastomers developed specificaly for sheet metal fabricating & tooling applications.

    Durathane tooling systems is the result of our over 3 decades of experience in the ELASTOMER TOOLING technology field. As the only manufacturer of both urethane and steel press brake tooling in the world, we have unique facilities to design and manufacture standard and custom tooling.

    The Smart Choice
    • Durathane is the trade name for a family of high performance urethane
      elastomer's developed specifically for sheet metal fabricating and
      tooling applications.
    • Durathane Tooling is Ideal for Just In Time Manufacturing (J.I.T.)
    • Decreasing lot sizes and lead times combined with increased demands on
      improved quality and on-time delivery are the essential ingredients of J.I.T.

    Durathane Tooling is the smart alternative to achieve these goals.

    Durathanes are a special breed of high performance thermo-set elastomers, compounded specifically for sheet metal forming applications, characterized by:
    • Extra toughness and durability
    • Excellent Resilience
    • Very High Load Bearing Capacity
    • High Tear Strength and Cut Resistance
    • Low Compression set
    • Very Good Impact Resistance
    • Outstanding Abrasion Resistance
    • Good Machinability
    • Impervious To Oil and Ozone

    Durathanes - High Performance Elastomer's
    For demanding applications such as Press Brake tooling, Die Springs etc., specifying a compound by durometer is not appropriate. It should be based on the amount of deflection. For this reason, our compounds are designated by the maximum allowable deflection.