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Harder than the Hardest is what if you are looking ?,

DURATHANE has a solution. The diverse properties of castable Polyurethane (PU) make it the leading choice of engineers looking for long lasting materials for their high load, high stress environments. Polyurethane routinely outperforms plastic, rubber and steel in its overall ability to resist harsh environmental factors such as abrasion, heat, solvents, oil and acid. In addition, polyurethane's noise abatement ability makes it the preferred material in chain-drive designs, conveyor belt systems and assembly line environments. In today's manufacturing environments where the cost of downtime is measured in thousands of dollars per hour, polyurethane's incredible durability actually increases your company's profitability.

World class service

DURATHANE customers bank upon due to our ability to provide total solutions starting from mould fabrication up to Spraying Solution. We provide all the services under one roof since we have in-house facilities for all the processes. We assure you the best of quality and prompt service in all the business deals, which you may entrust us in future.